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Immun stimulation by auto vaccination

A unusual susceptibility to external, pathogenous infuences can show itself with problems like tiredness, general exhaustion and recurrent infections as well as chronic skin diseases and chronic degeneration and rheumatic illnesses.

We recommend to you an approved stimulation therapy for your immune system. For this we will take a small amount of venous blood. This is mixed with a homoeopathic drug and then injected into a muscle.

This treatment is repeated once a week, appoximately 10 times. A slight swelling at the injection site shows the desired answer of our body to the stimulation of your immune system.


Homoeopathy is a more than 250 years old treatment method.

This method of treatment is particularly effective in a variety of chronic illnesses and disturbances.

In the beginning we take a very profound history of your health problems as well as your circumstances of living (duration: 60 minutes), the so-called homoeopathic history.

Then we evaluate all the information to find exactly the right homeopathic drug for you. This process is called the homoeopathic repertorisation.

Therapeutical Local Analgesia TLA

Therapeutical local analgesia TLS is an ideal method for pain relief for a variety of diseases of the musculosceletal system: general back bain, problems with vertebral discs, "lumbago", knee pain, arthrosis and shoulder-arm-syndrome as well heachache and migraine.

We will inject small amounts of analgesic drugs either direct under the skin at so-called trigger points or into deeper structures like tendons or muscles, both with a very thin, nearly painless needle. This provides fast and long acting pain relief in many patients.

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